Why Is Guttering So Important?

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Have you ever looked up towards the roof of a building and wondered what the guttering is really doing up there? It may appear to do very little, but that’s the beauty of their functionality. When it rains, water will run off the roof and into the guttering, where it travels down a series of pipes and is discharged into a drain. This elegant system means that you rarely see rainwater dripping off of houses. Let’s take a closer look at what makes them so important.

Can A House Have No Gutters?

You may be wondering if it’s possible or at all common to have a house without guttering. While there are some instances where gutters aren’t needed, for the vast majority of modern British homes, they are an essential.

Some properties can get away without having gutters, but these are not standard homes in the UK. Your roof will need an extreme pitch and long overhang to direct water away from the walls without the help of guttering. A lot of roofs that fit this criteria will be thatched, and therefore belonging to very old properties. In spite of not needing a gutter, it can be rather unpleasant standing under these roofs during rainfall, as the water will cascade over the edge.

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Why Do Modern British Homes Need Guttering?

Like it or not, the UK is a country that experiences a fair bit of rainfall and inclement weather. This means that there needs to be some thought put in to how that water drains from your property. Allowing rain to pool and soak into the roof, walls and structure of your home is a recipe for disaster. Water and damp can be incredibly damaging, leading to mould and even decay. Over time, this leads to the structural integrity of your home weakening, which could be disastrous.

Gutter Maintenance

In order for gutters to do their job, they need to be maintained periodically. To ensure water has a clear pathway through the guttering, debris should be removed at least once per year. Over time, twigs, leaves, moss, algae and other dirt can build up in your gutters. This is inevitable, as a range of factors which are out of your control lead to this. Everything from the weather to wild animal activity can contribute to debris building up in the gutters.

For Gutter Services, Choose Slate Masters Roofing

Carrying out gutter maintenance safely requires working at height. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to trust in a roofer to do this job! Look no further than Slate Masters Roofing when you need gutter maintenance or other guttering services. We can carry out everything from full installations to repairs. Contact our friendly team today for more information.


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